When I left school I became a computer operator with BT working on the telephone billing system.

But my heart was set on becoming a computer engineer ever since, at age 13, I was taken to a computer maintenance session by a friend of my mothers. 18 months after becoming an operator I became a computer maintenance engineer, via an intensive Junior Engineer’s training course.

I worked on one of the first commercial computers in the UK, the LEO III, for English Electric Leo Marconi. The LEO computer (Lyons Electronic Office) was developed by the famous Lyons Teahouse company to organise orders and deliveries to their numerous tea shops. EELM soon became ICL (International Computers Limited). I worked for two other companies, Texas Instruments, where I trained in Austin Texas, and BASF’s computer subsidiary, Comparex, where I trained in Ludwigshafen Germany. In all I had 23 years experience as a computer operator/engineer and 2015 marked my 50th year of working with computers.

The Post Office computer room at Charles House, Kensington.  The first computer I worked on in 1965. (Picture by Malcolm O’Neal) A brief history (Well, as brief as I can make it!) Qualifications DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check Top of page Copyright © 2016 David Parkhouse

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